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training pics 5About Julie:

Julie’s love of animals stretches back from before she could remember.  When she was living in suburban Vancouver Washington she was the local pet sitter, and dreamed of becoming a dog trainer or veterinarian.  At the age of 12, her family packed up and moved to acreage in Ridgefield Washington where her true passion for horses was discovered.  She began taking riding lessons at a local barn and soon bought a horse of her own, a 4-year-old buckskin quarter horse mare named ‘Nan,’ who had just as little training as Julie (still a novice rider).  Soon after, her parents realized that the expense of horse ownership and cost of trainers was not in the books for them, so if Julie wanted to keep Nan, she was on her own to train her.

To gain knowledge of horse training and riding Julie joined a 4-h club (HorseMasters), went to weekend clinics, and read numerous books on the subject.  She then found a facility where she could clean stalls and help with farm chores in exchange for lessons and cost of board, so from then on, spent all of her time outside of school with horses.

Julie then set her sights for the show ring.  She competed in numerous events including showmanship, western pleasure, equitation, hunter under saddle, and trail – and when she began doing very well, people asked her to train their horses.  That’s when Julie knew she wanted to be a trainer.moon donida

After high school, Julie attended the highly accredited Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center in West Virginia.  There she majored in Western Riding, Teaching, and Training, and became a certified equine breeder from Ohio State University.  In 2005, Julie graduated with honors and returned to the west coast where she worked out of an equestrian facility in Oregon until Julie realized her quest for knowledge wasn’t over.  In 2012, Julie graduated from the University Of Washington Foster School Of Business and is excited to put to use what she learned to her future in the equine industry.

In 2014, Julie and her husband Tom – a Chemist at PSNS – moved to and purchased a house in South Kitsap.  Julie was very sad to have to leave the farm she’d been teaching at (Fall City Pony & Horse Farm) due to the long commute, but is thankful she is close enough to visit her “kids” periodically.  Julie began teaching at the Lone Eagle in September 2014 and is very much looking forward to growing her “barn family” here.