We are pleased to announce that we offer both Western and English riding lessons.

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Philosophy 101

Our primary objective at Lone Eagle Ranch is to have healthy, happy horses. Personally how many ribbons a person has won matters less to us than that a horse’s well being in a stress free environment. To us this means not been confined to a 12×12 box stall and only turned out occasionally or having a turnout no bigger than the stall he was in. We believe horses need to have a large enough turnout to move freely and just be a horse. Our horses are free to come and go into their stalls at will. Because of this, they take their time eating. No fear of someone stealing their food.

Here at the ranch we feed only QUALITY alfalfa, and timothy hay bought directly from the farmer. This way we can insure we are getting the best hay possible as we have a working relationship with the grower. We let people choose their own supplements as everybody has their own thoughts as to nutritional benefits. “One size doesn’t fit all”. It makes more work for us but I we think it’s the best approach for our barn.

One of our pet peeves is seeing horses  blanketed with soaked heavy blankets or with insulated blankets when it reaches 70 degrees, which happens when the weather changes in the spring. .Sheets are fine as long as they are not soaked through and inspected regularly .We are aware that people have their own way of doing things, and try work with them, but must not compromise our beliefs in keeping horses happy, healthy, and safe 


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